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What is Experizer AIR Presenter?

Experizer AIR Presenter comes from the house of Experizer - The awesome no code VR/AR building service. With AIR Presenter you can simply get immersed in your presentations by importing images and video assets or even your existing Slide Deck. It has got the following activities that you can use for your presentations.

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AIR Presentation

Have a weather man like background where you are immersed infront of your media assets.

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AIR Explainer

Explain a topic by dragging images with gestures, enlarging them and also placing them on overlays.

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AIR Reels

Play a video in the background and control play pause using gestures. Also annotate simply using your finger.

Download the application

Experizer AIR Presenter is still in Beta but is available for download. You can create your experizer account here and use the same in your AIR presenter app for logging in.